“Behold, this thing I made!”

March 29, 2009

Props to anyone who knows where the title of this post is from.  Moving on… Friday night Kristen came over to watch Twilight and eat the meal I had prepared for us.  We ate so much food.  So much food, we had food babies (her words, not mine).  Basically, a food baby is when you’ve eaten so much your stomach is extremely bloated… to the point where it’s impossible to suck in your gut.  Anyway, the meal included: Freshly cut fruit (to eat while I finished preparing the rest), Caesar Salad, Baked Chicken Breast, and Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese.  It was my first time making home made mac n’ cheese… and I had quite the task in front of me.  A few weeks ago Kristen and I started talking about how much we both like mac n’ cheese and she claimed that Flemings has “the best” mac n’ cheese she’s ever had.  The only problem is neither of us want to pay Flemings’ prices to eat it.  So after doing some research I found the recipe online and decided to give it a go.  It was a nice surprise for Kristen too.  I gotta say, I nailed it!  It was delicious.  Kristen loved it too.  She was still talking about it today! Here’s a pic of it before it went into the oven.

Chipotle mac n cheese


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