And another one bites the dust

March 23, 2009

I had a great weekend.  I won’t get into detail but it was probably the best weekend of my life… and I’ve had a lot of good weekends in my day…  Anyway, part of the weekend goodness was a little project Kristen and I worked on.  She wanted to repaint some of her furniture and make it have an antique feel and a crackle finish. 

Here’s the result:
Kristen Crackle

She’d probably kill me if she knew I was posting this picture… oh well!  It might be hard to tell but the cracks are this really pretty green and the top layer is an antique white.  Though some of the process was frustrating it was a fun project, and I can’t wait to paint her other furniture with Kristen.

Here’s a look of me after the cleanup…

Again, its hard to tell, but I’m covered in specks of antique-white paint.  I was hosing off the paint rollers and well… the pressure of the water caused the roller to start spinning at one point and the rest is history… along with my favorite pair of jeans.  My entire right leg was covered with splashes of paint.  Luckily my favorite pair of jeans are just some simple Levis 501’s… so they won’t be too expensive to replace.  The worst part yet… I’m the son of a painter.  A painter of over 35 years.  I should know better.  I do know better.  Then again… maybe this will be the start of a cool fashion trend?

p.s.  my face and beard was covered in paint too.  Lots of fun cleaning that off!


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