Digging Through Old Memories

February 3, 2009

I’m in the process of switching rooms right now in my house, so what does that mean?  Time to weed out all the old clothes and other junk I never wear/use.  Upon doing this, I came across a few things I haven’t seen in years.  The first being an old photo album my ex-girlfriend had made for me.  That ended up in the trash pile.  But this post isn’t about that, it’s about a graduation card I found from my small group leader in high school.  Arman invested a lot of his time with me.  We had a very similar sense of humor, hobbies, etc.  I had about 4 different youth pastors while in high school, but Arman was the one leader that stayed consistent.  I learned a lot from him, and for a long time I wanted to be him.  In fact, I still wouldn’t mind becoming more like Arman.  I went ahead and scanned the card he gave me on my graduation night, and want to share it with you all…

(click to enlarge)


He said some really kind words.  It’s kinda nice to think of where I was then as opposed to where I am now.  Oh, and the USSR thing is a joke since I’m Russian and He’s Armenian.  We would always joke about the Motherland.  I hope I can make an impact on my students like he did with me… or at least have a baller signature like he does.  Look at that thing!



  1. oh Arman. what a great guy. he sure taught all of us a lot about being disciples. cool note.

  2. very cool. I can totally hear your voice saying that last line! just goes to show you how important youth ministry is. I mean, “big church” is all about living in community with others, and worshipping God, but for a lot of us, if it weren’t for our youth pastors, who knows where we would be…

  3. That note is amazing, he definitely saw something in you!

    (and I love USSR jokes!)

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