A Great End to a Great Year

December 19, 2008

Wednesday marked the last RVC Youth meeting of 2008.  It was wild, it was crazy, it was fun, and probably the best mid-week gathering I’ve been a part of since left in charge.  We played football, we played telephonepictionary, drank hot chocolate, ate tons of candy, and had cookies for dessert.  Come to think of it, that might have aided in all the craziness of the night.  On top of it all we had a great discussion time.  Students were engaged, and participated in discussion like I’ve never seen before.  After the “official” part of the night was over, the guys went outside to play more football.  Our female students kicked me out of the room so they could have some “girl time.”  They’ve never done that before!  I was thrilled to see them connecting with each other like I’ve never seen before.  And this is all WITHOUT a female leader.  Just think of the relationships that they could have with the aid of an adult?  Oh, this leaves me super excited for 2009.  

Here’s some pics from the night.
My students are from the hood (not really):
rvc youth hoods
They were supposed to be making tough faces.  Some were a little sub-par if you ask me.

This next picture is a picture of the students taking a picture of me.  For some reason they thought I was posing while I was leading the discussion so they asked me to freeze.  Gotta love it when kids pick up on your weird mannerisms! 
RVC picture in picture

I maintain that I wasn’t posing like this in the first place.  But hey, what are ya gunna do?


One comment

  1. i’m looking forward to hearing about what God’s going to do with your group in the coming year!!

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