RVC Staff Christmas Party

December 13, 2008

Last night we had our RVC Staff Christmas party.  It was a really fun time, especially since I love the people I work with.  After having some coffee and desserts we played the white elephant gift exchange game.  My gift was the first one chosen, and it got a good amount of laughs.  It was also the first gift to be stolen and frozen.  Doug Tucker ended up with it, which is pretty funny because he’s the same guy who dressed up as me for halloween this year.

doug tucker white elephant

I originally had this cool reindeer that pooped out jellybeans, but it got stolen from me.  He would have gone really well with the bear that nods his head that currently sits on my desk at work.  All is well though, I think I ended up with the second coolest gift of the night.

black angels white elephant gift

These are now sitting on either side of my bear at work.  A few more figurines and animals and I’ll have a year around nativity set on my desk!  I mean, there were black angels and a bear when Jesus was born, right?  Another staffer named them Barak and Michelle.  I think I’m going to keep those names.  My favorite part about them is how huge Barak’s head is.


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