December 12, 2008

I suck at remembering words.  Especially God’s word.  I read my bible but it’s a constant struggle for me to memorize scripture.  I’ve always been bad at it.  In elementary school I was your typical Awana kid, only it took me three years to finish my first book.  They definitely kept me around for my mad Awana Olympic skills… yeah, I dare you to challenge me at tug-o-war or a relay race!  Anyway, it seems as I get older I should be getting better at it, but that’s not the case.  I’m not the best at reciting 100% accurate song lyrics (just ask Luke) either, but there are still quite a few songs that I could sing from start to finish in my sleep.  I really want the same to be the case with scripture.  Maybe it’s because I listen to music WAY more than I read my bible.  That’s probably my first problem.  But I want that to change.  I think I need more repetition when it comes to reading my bible.  That’s one of my goals for 2009.  I want to be able to recite more scripture.



  1. So, I have this same problem. I can remember alllllll the ideas in the Bible but word-for-word…not so much.

    I think you’ve hit on some really honest – and really pertinent – points in your post. But you might also consider this: are you a pretty auditory learner? I definitely am…and one thing that really started helping me memorize scripture is downloading audio Bible stuff. It doesn’t replace time spent actually digging through the Word, but it does help a lot. And its nice that I can put it on my ipod and take it with me on the bus, walking between classes, or in the car.

    Sorrrrrrry for the mega long comment! Just struck me as something that might be as helpful for you as it is for me. Hope all’s well buddyyyy!

    • Thanks for the suggestions/encouragement Em. I’m actually not much of an auditory learner. I mean, I think I listen pretty well when people are talking, but I don’t think I learn very well that way. I’m definitely more of a kinesthetic/visual learner. Maybe I could find a “hands on” Bible somewhere… hmm… DON’T YOU DARE STEAL MY IDEA EMILY!

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