No Shave November Finale

December 1, 2008

It’s December 1st which means a month of no shaving and no trimming has come to a close.  Some have put in their two cents.  “You should shave”  “Just have a mustache”  “rock the fu manchu” etc.  While I have taken all of those into consideration I think I’m going to keep the beard for a while.  I’ve had a beard off and on for a couple years but never for this long at one time.  So I don’t think I’ll be shaving just yet… but I cannot wait to clean it up and do some trimming.  It’s about time (as you’ll see in the pictures below).  To be honest I’m a little disappointed with the results.  It seems like it all grew in the first two and a half weeks… and the last week and a half didn’t do much.  Maybe I’ve peaked in my facial hair growing abilities.  But I won’t give up.  Not yet anyway.

clean shaved


I know I know, some most of that looks nasty.  Thanks for your love and support over this month.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys.


One comment

  1. Seriously, I thought you were still shaving and I just kept catching you on off days!

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