Sweet n’ Sassy

November 17, 2008

big cone

Thank you Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream.  You give the biggest portions ever.  I’ll be honest, after dinner, I couldn’t even finish the cone.  Apparently I look like this when I eat ice cream.  I think this is about as seductive as I get; sticky hands and all.

Tonight myself, Luke, Tyler, Chad, Liege, Micah and Erica, Paul, and Jenn were lucky enough to celebrate Sarah’s birthday by going to Red Robin and Maggie Moo’s.  I had a good time meeting some of these new friends for the first time.  I hope we can all hang out more often.  Thanks for including me in your birthday plans Sarah!  I hope 25 is a GREAT year for you!

a family of bears

Believe it or not, this is the first picture of all three of us together.  Both Sarah and I have looked through all of our pictures and came up empty.  Seriously, I dare you to find a picture with me, Luke, and Sarah in it.  By the way, I have no idea why my eyes are so squinty.  I was probably going into sugar shock from the massive ice cream cone shown above.



  1. what a lucky woman! Surrounded by all that beard!

  2. PS time to rename the blog

  3. thanks for the link-love…it was good to actually meet you and hang

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