Copeland, Lovedrug, Lydia, Lights

November 13, 2008

What a rad show this was.  It was held at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles.  The venue was really neat.  Great sound, and very pretty inside… with 2 MASSIVE Chandeliers.  My new buddy Jon went with me, and we had a blast.  Here’s the run-down…

First up was Lights.  Lights is a 21 year-old-ish girl from Toronto, Canada who could probably be thrown in the Pop/Electronic/Dance Genre.  Don’t worry, there are no Cher-esque filters on her voice.  I usually don’t like this style of music, but after seeing her live, it changed my opinion.  She’s got pipes.  And it’s hard to believe because I’m pretty sure she’s like 5′ tall, and less than 90 pounds.  She put on a good show… plus, who doesn’t love a girl who plays a getboard keytar?  I got her EP from iTunes before the show, but never really gave it a good listen.  This has been my longboarding music as of late.  It makes me want to dance. Be on the lookout for Lights.  She’s on a major label now and I’m guessing will do well with the MTV crowd.  Check her music out here.



Second up was Lydia.  Lydia has been one of my new favorite bands of 08′.  They’ve been around for a little longer, but I fell in love with their latest album “Illuminate”.  I was very excited to be seeing them.  They didn’t disappoint, but they didn’t “bring it” like I thought they would.  It lacked a little energy at times.  Nevertheless, I’m glad I got to see them perform.  Still a solid performance.

Third up was Lovedrug.  I enjoyed their first album in 2004 but never really kept up with them after that.  They had a very tight (together, not the “tight” as in cool) sound… but as I said on Twitter, they just don’t do it for me.  Plus I was waiting for them to get off the stage so Copeland could start!

Last but not least was Copeland.  This was the third time I’ve seen Copeland live… and probably the best I’ve see them perform.  They were flawless including Aaron Marsh’s vocals.  They played a great mix of songs from all their albums which is surprising since their latest release came out three weeks prior.  Come to think of it, they played a lot of songs off of “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”, including the song, “When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out” which Lights came on stage to sing the female vocals part of the song.  After ending their set with “You Have My Attention”, they came back on for an encore performance of “California” (very appropriate eh?).  I can’t wait to see Copeland again someday.  If you ever get a chance to see a Copeland show, don’t pass it up!

Copeland "Control Freak"


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