Positive Post Tuesday: The Mundy’s Edition

November 11, 2008

This week’s PPT is dedicated to The Mundy’s.  More specifically, Luke and Sarah.  I met both of them at Fresno EV Free’s college group about 5 years ago.  Luke was the college intern, and Sarah was his girlfriend.  Shortly after meeting Luke, he, myself, and a couple of our friends started a band.  We led worship for our college group, various camps/retreats, and eventually our Sunday evening church service.  Luke has been one of my closest friends in the past 5 years, but he is also someone I’ve always looked up to.  He and I have done many things together:  Written music, recorded music, led bible studies, worked together (non-church job) served in China (on that same note, on the flight back from China he made like an 8 way seating arrangement trade so that we could sit together), and ran a youth group when neither of us knew what we were doing.  I know I’m leaving A LOT out of that list of things, but I’m thankful for each and every moment we’ve grown as friends.

luke and tim roller coaster
This was taken at our previous job as roller coaster testers.

Sarah is a rad girl.  Luke is very lucky to have her.  They compliment each other well.  While my friendship with Luke grew, so did my friendship with Sarah.  Sometimes when “the girlfriend” hangs out with the boys it can get annoying but I can honestly say it’s never been that way with Sarah.  She cracks me up, and has always been incredibly real with me.  And she’s probably my favorite dancing partner (see picture below). Thank you for your friendship as well Sarah!

tim sarah shimmy
This was at Luke and Sarah‘s wedding.  It’s the only dance I know.


Luke and Sarah are like family to me (though I could not find a picture of the three of us).  They even claim me as their own (even though there’s only 2 years between us).  I love spending time with them.  I 3rd wheel it often, but it doesn’t ever feel weird or awkward.  Speaking of which, we need another family date night soon!

So please, please visit Luke’s blog, and Sarah’s blog because they’re both way better writers than myself.  But mostly visit their pages because I love them.



  1. That last sentence got me good… sniff!

  2. You are too much fun… no one shimmys like you! Sending you love leeching.

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