The Ocean, IKEA, and Hippos

November 7, 2008

Today was a blast.  I had breakfast in Crystal Cove which looks directly out to the ocean.  After breakfast I took a stroll on the beach.  Then I helped out Debbie with some computer stuff and helped put the finishing touches on her church’s new Kid’s worship room.  I had never been to IKEA so Debby, Jon & Amanda (my new friends) and myself headed over there to do some shopping for the youth rooms, and the elementary room.  It’s a pretty rad store, but to tell you the truth… I’m clueless when it comes to pricing out furniture.  I have no idea if what I saw were “good deals” or not.  But it was fun anyhow.  Plus, they serve CHEAP food there.  I liked that part.

When we got back to the church, Jon (their student ministry’s guy) and I began to talk youth ministry.  We shared victories, woes, and fresh ideas with one another.  He’s a super cool guy who has such a big heart for jr. high and high school students.

For dinner Debbie, Jon, and myself went to Pei Wei’s.  Some asian food.  Pretty good stuff. Debbie has been taking me to places that Fresno doesn’t have yet.  Pei Wei’s was one of them.  After dinner we drove to Balboa Island in Newport and got a Hippo Cookie (see picture below), and walked around the island (about 3 miles.)

Then Amanda joined back up with us where we went back to Debbie’s to watch some TV.  Specifically, The Soup.  I had a very fun day today.  Tomorrow I go to Mexico to help build a house.  Hopefully I’ll take some pictures.

breakfast crystal cove
Buttermilk pancakes, avocado-bacon-cheese omelet, and fresh fruit.  Yumm

me crystal cove

sea creatures
Yes, I put my finger in these sea enemies anemones!

IKEA car
Apparently this cart parked outside the entrance of IKEA is driven by an olympian

big yellow joint
‘Arrested Development’ fans anyone???

hippo cookie
Hippo Cookie.  It was delicious.  But much too filling.

Debbie, Amanda, Jon



  1. the banana stand! since 1945, even…

  2. “There’s always money in the BANANA STAND!”

    [Catching up on your old posts, and I couldn’t resist. 🙂 ]

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