Visiting Laguna

November 5, 2008

Tomorrow morning I leave for Orange County, more specifically Laguna Hills/Beach/Aliso Viejo.  They’re all super close to each other.  I’m going to be seeing Copeland, Lovedrug, Lydia, and Lights next Tuesday at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles.  I was originally going to be leaving after church on Sunday to make a long weekend (what would you call a Sunday-Wed trip?) out of it.  Seeing how Debbie (my old boss) moved there, I have another place to stay in Southern California.  Well late last week Debbie asked if I would be able to come down sooner to help build a house in Mexico with her church’s youth group, and then speak the next morning in their youth service.  I got things to work out on this side of the Grapevine so I’m leaving tomorrow morning!  I’m pretty excited for this weekend.  Not only will this be my first time speaking to a different youth group, but I haven’t really done anything missions-related (out of the city) since my trip to China several years ago.  I love forgetting about everything at home and devoting my entire heart and mind to serving the Lord and others.  I suppose I should have that attitude and put forth that effort all the time but thats a whole other blog post.  Either way, it should be delicious (I’m stealing your phrase Gordon).  

I’m taking my guitar this time.  I’ll hopefully get some writing done.  I always feel more inspired when I’m away from home, but I usually don’t have my guitar with me to flesh any some ideas.  I’m also bringing a couple books… hoping to finish at least one of them while I’m there.  This isn’t exactly vacation, but c’mon! (in GOB Bluth voice) I’ll be in Laguna Beach!  Doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.  

I almost canceled this trip due to lack of finances (see last post), but A) I didn’t want to cancel on Lake Hills last minute… and B) I could really use a trip out of town right about now.

I’ll have my trusty macbook with me so I’m hoping to blog while I’m down there… and I should be twittering frequently as well.  So stay tuned!


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  1. I hope the trip is awesome and that it takes your mind off the maxed-out credit cards and everything else. Have fun!

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