Pray for my car: Results

November 5, 2008



Good news:  My car passed smog
Bad news:  It failed the first time and cost a lot of money to fix


Bad news:  They found that I needed a bunch of work done on my brakes.  New pads, rotors, master cylinder, shoes, all machine parts, etc.
Good news:  I suppose now my car is more likely to stop when I press the brake.


Good news:  I have my Blazer back in my possession. 
Bad news:  I now have 2 maxed-out credit cards.


Bad news:  They also said I need new tires and shocks before the rainy season hits
Good news:  couldn’t think of one.  Sorry. 


It’s true.  When it rains, it pours.  It’s been “raining” for a few months now.  Rain being more than just car trouble and finances.  Some days I feel tired and beat up, but today I feel defeated.  Maybe I need this.  I don’t know why, but maybe I do.  I continue to have faith that God will always provide and is in control, but lately I’ve been battling that with Him.  Somedays I think I know better, but it’s obvious I don’t.  I’m moving on.  Moving on from the pity and self reliance.  In the spirit of the cliché’s I’ve been using, perhaps this is a new chapter.

I’m going to try to do better with writing more positive posts.  Starting with tonight.  I’ll have a “happy post” sometime tonight after I get home from youth group.



  1. That sucks Timmy. But be warned, most auto shops are sneaky. Every one that I’ve ever been to tries to get me to replace or buy things that I don’t REALLY need.

    For example, I had a guy tell me I needed to replace my brakes completely because they were failing. I then took my truck to another guy who told me that my brakes were perfectly fine, and he was right. I haven’t had any problems with them. So be careful about completely trusting those guys, unless you know them really well personally.

  2. Yeah, I feel ya. I got the work done at two separate places. I did the brakes at a place I’ve always gone too. Both places came up with the same diagnosis. So it’s either legit, it they’re all in it together. And since I’m a conspirisist, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

  3. Brake jobs are easier than you think. You have to get a little dirty. But anyone who can read can do a brake job …

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