Halloween 2008

November 1, 2008

Here is me in my halloween costume. I was Macgruber (a spoof of Macgyver) which is a character on SNL. The people who knew who I was thought it was pretty funny. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Macgruber, here’s one little mini episode:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Complete MACGRUBER SNL Video Coll…“, posted with vodpod

Though my costume was good, it certainly was not the best.  The best costume award went to Doug Tucker (one of the hosts of the party).  Doug dressed up as me.  Yes, Doug was Tim Balint.  He a had of one of my shirts, my hat, a 5 o clock shadow, and even drew one of my tattoos on his arm!  Oh, and he painted my plugs on his ears as well.  It was a little weird when I saw him throughout the night.  It was like looking at myself all the time.  Now I know how you all feel… having to look at me all the time!  And I gotta say, you should all feel blessed.



  1. mc grubber is hilarious… good costume.

  2. Dude.. MacGruber is NICE. And I’m guessing you took the opportunity to make a few bucks at the party with some ping pong balls, right?

  3. […] 23 & counting… my life « The (white) Elephant in the Room RVC Staff Christmas Party December 13, 2008 Last night we had our RVC Staff Christmas party.  It was a really fun time, especially since I love the people I work with.  After having some coffee and desserts we played the white elephant gift exchange game.  My gift was the first one chosen, and it got a good amount of laughs.  It was also the first gift to be stolen and frozen.  Doug Tucker ended up with it, which is pretty funny because he’s the same guy who dressed up as me for halloween this year. […]

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