New Book!

October 8, 2008

Gordon (my boss/Bishop lead pastor at RVC) suggested I read some books on youth ministry, strategy and leadership.  I just finished the book I was reading so I asked some other youth guys what I should be reading.  One book is Doug Field’s “Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” which I picked up, and the other is this book:

which I just started reading and is also written by Doug Fields.  I’ve read the first couple chapters and I can already tell not only am I going to love the book, but I’m going to grow an awful lot.  It’s going to put more things into perspective, and I think will help me lead a healthier group of students and leaders.



  1. Doug Fields, eh? I’m not too big of a fan. Good guy and all, but he too often over-simplifies ministry into “easy to follow steps.” Maybe you’ll enjoy them, but I just feel that most of his stuff is pretty shallow and surface-level.

    Some good youth ministry-related authors to check out are Mike Yaconelli, Donald Miller, Shane Claiborne, Efrem Young…

  2. I haven’t read a whole lot from him yet but so far so good. I feel like he doesn’t over simplify things at all. In fact, he specifically writes how there’s no easy formula to youth ministry. Every experience is unique. But he does provide some general tools to help you through what can be a stressful and discouraging time. So far the book has challenged me to keep myself in check a lot more.

    As for Donald Miller’s books, though I’m a fan of his work I wouldn’t categorize any of his books as specific for youth ministry. But maybe I overlooked something. Same goes for Shane Claiborne.

    As for Efrem Young and Mike Yaconelli, I’ll be sure to check them out!

    Another really good author into the life of youth ministry is Chap Clark.

  3. Well, no, Miller and Claiborne aren’t “youth ministry” specific, I just meant that I feel they’re better for equipping someone spiritually than Fields. 😛

  4. not ‘youth ministry’ specific, but i suggest a couple of books by Alan Redpath:

    – the making of a man of God
    – victorious christian service

    as well as spurgeon’s classic:

    – an all round ministry

    the spurgeon book you can read online

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