My Ultimate Weekend

October 6, 2008

Saturday brought the awaited Ultimate Frisbee game that I organized for my youth group at RVC.  This was the first outreach event I’ve put on since accepting the job this summer.  We had about 7 kids show up.  Luckily we had enough leaders so we were able to play a game.  I would have liked to have more student involvement but I’m not counting this as a loss.  We’re going to do the same event next month.  I think more students will be on board for it this time around.  The students who came had a lot of fun so I hope that will encourage our other students to show!

After the game, I went to Jameson and Sarah’s where we hung out with some friends and ate dinner.  Watch some Season 3 of The Office, and played Taboo/Catch Phrase.

I forgot to mention something about frisbee.  Apparently I yell a lot when I play.  I never really noticed until some of my buddies were poking fun at me for how intense I get.  I promise it’s a healthy intense though.  Just trying to have fun!  Well, I realized this was true once Sunday morning rolled around.  I’m leading worship for my youth group as well during this season and I lost a good full step in my vocal range from all the shouting.  The high “A” note just wasn’t happening yesterday!  It’s all good though, I made do with what I had that morning.  Let’s just say I relied a lot on the reverb added to my vocal mix!

Sunday afternoon/evening brought RVC’s “Next Step Dessert” at Gordon’s house.  It’s a dessert for those who have been coming to our church for a while and want to get to know the staff, get connected, and know more about where the church is headed.  We had a good turnout of new folks.  After the dessert a group of us ate at “The Public House” for dinner.  Some staff, and some of the Next-Steppers went.  It was great getting to know these people better!  Plus, The Public House is one of my favorite places to eat in Fresno these days.



  1. Dude. You might just have a yelling problem because you were loud at the Public House too… You’re just THAT INTENSE!!!

  2. Wow, next time add a little Chad into the mix and then you can call it a perfect weekend!

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