The Amazing Race

September 29, 2008

So I’ve now started and stopped it post 3 times now due to interruptions.  So here’s a disclaimer saying it might suck.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Almost a month to be exact.  I think I’ll be posting more frequently now.  Gotta get back into the swing of things.  Plus, look for a new look and name to this blog shortly (you can probably figure out why…. hint: it will change yearly)

Thursday morning my buddy Adam sent out a mass text asking for anyone’s help with a youth event that he and his church were putting on.  The Amazing Race.  They were short handed on volunteers since their student signups exploded overnight!  Seeing how I’m in the youth ministry biz and know what it’s like to not have enough help, I decided to donate my time… and what I would later find out to be my energy as well.

The gist of the event was running around (sometimes literally) northern Fresno completing various tasks such as: running, climbing, biking, taxi-riding, bus-riding, brain teasers, and budget spending between 3:00-10:00 on Saturday.  I had a group of 3 8th grade boys.  One was a “churched” kid, and the others were not.  The night was a success.  It was very well planned, and was executed with very few/minor glitch’s.  I feel like I got to know my boys pretty well in the 7 hours we spent together.

The point of this post is about one of the students that I got to know.  For the purpose of keeping his identity secret we’ll just call him J@mes.  J@mes is your typical 8th grade boy.  Only he’s not THAT typical.  My great medical opinion is that he has ADHD, but I think he must also be on crack and speed (that part was a joke).  You get the point.  He’s high strung.  J@mes wanted to be a part of every aspect of the every event.  Even if he wasn’t good at them.  There were some times where our instructions were to choose one team member to participate and he had to be “the one” each and every time.  He always ran ahead of the group, he leaped before he looked, and sometimes got himself and our team in trouble.  At times he was frustrating, but around hour 5, it dawned on me…  

Isn’t J@mes a great example of how we as Christians should be living out our faith?  We should be excited for life and it’s challenges, be ready for whatever God has for us, not be afraid to fail, and when we do fail… get right back up and persevere through it.  Sometimes I feel like God is asking “who wants to do My work?”  Maybe we need to be a little more like J@mes and say, “here I am, use me.”

Just a thought.


One comment

  1. great insights.

    also, how often are we “annoyed” by those who run ahead and approach faith with passionate disregard for religious norms. like the Pharisees despised Jesus. often real faith makes us uncomfortable.

    of course, this would be a different analogy if the kid had been hit by a car.

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