I should join SWAT

August 8, 2008

I really should have written this post over a month ago, but I’m running out of things to post about so now is as good of a time as any!  On July 4th Myself, Tyler, and Jameson decided to go to the indoor gun range to pistol whip some people.  Actually, I was the only one who actually wanted to do that.  Tyler had been once before and warned us it was harder than it looked.


Note:  This was my first time ever firing a gun.  From 20+ meters away.  Every round in my clip hit!  So this is why I should join SWAT.  Ok, maybe it’s too late.  I missed my opporunity… darn.  😉

A funny thing about our morning there… The guys running the place knew we’ve never handled a gun but they also didn’t explain how anything worked.  And you know what… it was natural.  From watching movies and playing video games… it comes naturally.  Weird huh?

I also decided that place would be incredibly easy to rob since they HAND you the guns with ammo.  Then again, they have like 300 guns behind the counter so the person robbing them would be an idiot.


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