Spirit West Coast

July 31, 2008

Spirit West Coast is this weekend.  Though, I’m not going, it reminded me of when I went to the first ever Spirit West Coast about 9-ish? years ago when I was in Jr High.  For those of you that don’t know what Spirit West Coast (or SWC) is, Micah put it best.  It’s like a Christian’s Woodstock.  There was nothing like camping, and waking up to live worship music, then being able to see your favorite bands ALL DAY LONG… for about 4 days straight.  I went several years after as well but it became a little less fun one it blew up.  It went from a couple thousand people to feeling like a can of sardines in a dutch oven!

Still, I’ll never forget the first year I went finding this new band called “Relient K.” 

They had yet to tour, and this was their first big festival (first of many to come).  I instantly fell in love with their pop-punk goodness.  Since then, their sound has matured more with each album.  After going a few years without listening to them, I saw Relient K when they were headlining the Uprising Fest (now Cornerstone, California) after they had just finished recording their most current full length album.

This is one of my favorite albums of 2007.  If you don’t have it… especially if you work with youth, you NEED to pick it up.

Two nights ago I discovered after a drummer change, they came out with a 26 track B-Sides album.  This is probably my favorite B-Sides album I’ve ever heard.  The first 13 tracks are all new (and sung by different members) and the last 13 tracks are all re-recorded songs.  As a slick smart promotion, the band is also releasing 5 bonus tracks.  Here’s the catch, they give you a clue, and they’re hidden on some other website.. not related to Relient K.  For instance, one track was hidden on Teen Vogue’s website.  How smart is that?! 3 of 5 tracks have been discovered.  Make sure to pick up this album!


One comment

  1. ahhh. i love this band and would have really enjoyed to see them back thenn…

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