Jameson & Sarah’s wedding pt. 2

July 26, 2008

Jameson decided to make the wedding programs… and well…. he did a GREAT job.  Like seriously, it looks pretty professional.  He can add that to the long list of things he’s good at.

lick to enlarge

You’ll notice a couple interesting things about the backside of the program.  First, instead of the “Best Man” title, Jameson used “Men of Valor”… simply because that’s just how he rolls.  Secondly, you’ll notice our “middle names”.  Just to clarify, my middle name is Ryan, not Bear… my parents weren’t hippies when they named me.  Jamie decided to include our nicknames on the program.  The nickname Bear has been with me since my freshman year in college.  I grew a beard at work, (sorta like this)

and my co-workers started calling me Bear… that turned into me wearing a name tag that read: “Bear”.  The look on customer’s faces were always great.  Soon after my friends started calling me, “the bear”…. and now my youth students call me bear (sometimes).  

Tyler’s nickname is a better story.  In front of Tyler’s house is his family’s mailbox which reads “Letters”… for you know… putting letters inside.  Well after countless times at Tyler’s house, and after being his friend for several years Jameson asks, “Woah, your last name is Letters?”  Thus Tyler Letters was deemed.  He has other nicknames but none of which are appropriate for this blog, or the wedding program.


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