2 Weddings and a Baby

July 14, 2008

Today was the start of a pretty crazy week.  Tomorrow my sister’s first baby (my first niece) is being born.  I’m going to be an Uncle!  My sister is having a C-Section tomorrow morning at 9am PST, so for those of you who are reading this before then, if you wouldn’t mind throwing up a prayer for my sister, her daughter, and the doctors involved, that would be rad.  

Wednesday morning I have one final surprise for Jameson before he gets married.  We’re going to do something he’s always wanted to do.  I would post what it is because he never reads this blog, but with my luck this would be the one time he reads it!  So look for a future post on that subject.  Wednesday night is youth group.  Luckily I already have my Bible study lesson planned which I did today at the church office.  I think I’m having dinner with Jameson, Sarah, and some girl he’s trying to set me up with.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m not counting on much.

This Thursday myself and Jameson are setting up decorations and such for his wedding on Friday night!  That will of course be followed up by the rehearsal and the coveted rehearsal dinner (I love to eat).  We’re having dinner at the newly remodeled Holiday Inn downtown… and I’m sure we’ll be visiting the sky bar.  The view should be gorgeous.. as long as the smog clears!

Friday is the wedding itself where I’m serving as best man.  I’m a bit nervous for the best man speech/toast.  I’ve written 3 different drafts.  All of which I don’t like very much.  For some reason I’m having a hard time conveying how I really feel.  I love both Jameson and Sarah very much and am so excited for the start of their new lives, and I want them to know that!  It’s just hard putting it into words.

Saturday I’ll be attending my friend Jeremy’s wedding.  I’m sure just attending will be nice.  In the mean time I need to work on my message/lesson/sermon-ma-jig for our Youth Service on Sunday.  This week’s not leaving a whole lot of time for that!  Actually, that’s probably a lie.  I can make time.  Like right now, by not writing this blog.

There’s the long-winded look into my future week.


One comment

  1. Hey bro! I’m praying for your sister and your niece – I’m excited for y’all! And I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful best man at Jameson’s wedding…he should really title you as “Amazing Man” =)

    Anywho…I’ll see you at Jeremy’s wedding on Saturday!!! Can’t wait to see you broseph!

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