June 19, 2008

I feel like this album was underrated by a lot of Dashboard Confessional fans.  I should start out with saying I used to be a closet-DC fan, but now I don’t really care who knows.  I’m much more comfortable in my lameness awesomeness these days.  This is the first DC album featuring a full band (including electric guitars).  This also happens to be the first album of theirs that was put out by a major record label.

I still enjoy their earlier work as well but “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar” is at the top of my list.  In 2003 it was love at first sight, and as I listened to it all day yesterday, I remembered why that was.  The songwriting is phenomenal.  The melodies, production, guitar work, lyrics, all great.  I hear a lot of people saying it’s one of their worst albums to date but I beg to differ.  If you are one of those who did not care for this album, I encourage you to revisit it sometime this week.

(note: I know this album reached Gold Status meaning at least 500,000 people agree with me.  It just seems like this album is on the bottom of DC fan’s favorite albums lists)


One comment

  1. see, I’m going to have to disagree.

    The whole reason DC was so successful was because it wasn’t Further Seems Forever. The songs were deeply transparent and emotional, while still catchy and witty. The EPs all capture so much raw acoustic emotion that you really related to all of Chris’ relational woes (I mean… I felt sorry for a guy who didn’t have my ladykilling talents)

    I my mind (and ear) Mark, Mission, Scar whatever was just the same songs… but poppy. Which sort of killed the whole “I’m desperate and crying because you don’t like me” vibe.

    So… not a bad album. Just not DC at its best. In my opinion.

    Of course I was also listening to Creed at that time…

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