Sunday Morning Recap

May 18, 2008

This morning I got the privilege to teach for our jr. high/high school students.  We finished up our three week series entitled, “Simplify Your Life.”  Mostly speaking about how we’re so busy, and sometimes “too busy” to have a real relationship with God.  This week’s lesson was about how we can take action against being so busy!  I decided to make a short (3 minute) video to base our discussion questions that I came up with.  So I uploaded this video for you 5 readers out there.  I hope you get a good laugh! Sorry, the audio is out of sync at the end (stupid conversion process)

Here were the three points I used (note: I went deeper than what I’m about to share)

1)  It’s ok to say “No” – Sometimes we say “yes” because we don’t want to disappoint others, when we know we have too much on our plate.  Sometimes we have to say “no” to good things in order to make room for the best things.

2)  Turn it off – We spend (especially high schoolers) so much time on our cellphones, computers, internet, TV, video games.  We need to turn it off from time to time in order to hear God’s voice.

3)  Leave some room – Even in the midst of our business, we need to leave room for our creator. Daily.  We need a real relationship with Him.  I gave the example of how friendships on earth take time and effort.  And if we want a relationship with God it’s also going to take some time and effort on our part.



  1. Loved the video! What text from the Bible did you focus on during your 3 week study?

  2. 1Kings 19:11-12, Ecclesiastes 8:5

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  4. Um so, I definitely laughed out loud about that video. More than once.

    Your Junior Highers are pretty lucky kiddos, and I hope they know it!

  5. Thanks em! If I made someone laugh from this, then my work is done… besides that whole point of the video thing.

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