Random pet peeve

May 14, 2008

I always use my left ear when talking on the phone.  I hear SO much better with it, than my right.  Whenever I watch a tv show, or movie, or see some random person use their right ear when talking on the phone, it bothers me.  It’s probably really prejudice, but for some reason I imagine how uncomfortable I would feel if I were that person using my right ear to try and hear what the person on the other line is saying.  I just watched a movie where the girl (main character) was ALWAYS on the phone… and used her right ear when answering the phone… errr…  Maybe it’s not a pet peeve, but it bothers me none the less.

What ear do you use when on the phone?



  1. left. and only left.

    except that my bluetooth is for my right…

  2. I answer left but switch throughout the convo. Can’t hear out of either ear (unless the caller is singing falsetto).

  3. right, and has always been, right.

  4. 100% left, and there’s no debate in my mind.

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