Don’t use freecreditreport.com!!!!!

May 6, 2008

The title of this post says it all.  Back in December (before all those annoying commercials came out) I signed up for freecreditreport.com.  When signing up, it said I had 30 days to check my scores and such… and nothing was mentioned about hidden fees.  Well I didn’t notice until earlier this week that I had monthly $14.99 charges on my checking account.  When I called to cancel my membership and receive my refund, they told me I agreed to the monthly fees, etc.  I asked for proof that I clicked the “agree” button or what not but of course they “don’t have that”…. probably because it doesn’t exist.  I was given an address to voice my concerns and request my refund.  I’d like to think that they’d rather refund my $60 rather than spend time and more money trying to fight me on this.  After doing some research, it turns out many others were “scammed” as well.  freecreditreport.com in fact is not a part of the government’s program for yearly free credit reports.  It’s a private company posing as a free site.  Maybe you already knew this, maybe you didn’t.  But for those who didn’t… now you know not to use freecreditreport.com



  1. dang bro, that sucks. but at least you didn’t fall for freecreditreport.com AND those scams offering free iphones right?

  2. hahaha. Dude, you know that site was legit.

  3. If any company claims it’s free, they should never ask for your credit card numbers. If they do, you can be certain that they will charge you on your card. Besides, if you need a score, you have to pay to get it from 3 credit agencies. If any company says they give you a free credit report with a score, just don’t do it. There is no such thing.

  4. Hmmm…I think I have used this before but never had to give any sort of payment information. I usually check every four months. My school suggested it. I never pay for a score though, and have never noticed any suspect fees. I will have to triple check though, now. Thanks for scaring me! 😉

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