Meet Tim jr.

May 5, 2008

Before rumor-ville is unleashed, I’ll set the story straight.  No, I do not have a kid, or have a kid on the way (despite what the tabloids may be saying).  Anyway, I spent most of the weekend with the Hall family.  Gordon Hall is our lead pastor at River Valley Church.  He has a really rad wife, and 3 crazy (but very cool) boys.  One of which is a student in Jr. High making him somewhat, “mine” for the next 4-5 years.  I was invited to the youngest Hall boy’s baseball game (I’ve blogged about him before) Saturday morning.  Lucky kid plays for the Red Sox!  It was great to watch little leaguers do their best, and let that be that.  This is a rare time where having fun is all that matters.

Later day I got a text from Gordon which read, “Dude, pasta and meatballs tonight for dinner, you coming?”  Can’t really turn down a free meal and good company can I?  All three of the Hall boys had 2 friends spending the night.  Nothing like 9 boys at the house at once!  One of Caden’s friends couldn’t make it last minute so I was deemed as his 2nd friend.  I guess I do fit in pretty well with a couple of 8 year olds!

The night consisted of a tasty meal (with an awesome desert called “chewies” that Gordon’s wife made), playing catch with Gordon (baseball) before hitting too much oncoming traffic, building a fire that took WAY too long to catch, cooking smores, talking around the fire about our church, “the church”, my past relationships, their relationship while growing up, and then Gordon asked me what celebrity would most resemble my “type”.  So, Naomi Watts, if you’re reading this and you want to leave your Husband (just kidding, seriously) and move to the United States, and attend RVC Church, you’ll know where to find me!  So I left that night seeing how blessed I am to have friends like Gordon and Tammy.  It’s pretty cool being able to hang out with your pastor!

yes, that’s Tammy shushing Austin while Gordon prays for the meal)

Now to clear up the title of this post.  A bunch of us went to Wahoo’s after church yesterday (including the Hall family).  I sat near Caden and at one point he took my glasses off my face to mimic me.  Then he called himself Tim jr.  It gave me a good laugh.  I don’t know what’s up with his pose, because I’m pretty sure I don’t do that… but maybe I should???


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