Please, make it stop!

May 4, 2008

Tyler and I went to Target on Saturday to pick up a few things after meeting for lunch.  When leaving, this girl was walking in front of me.  I don’t like the skirt she is wearing in this picture.  I didn’t like them when they became popular, and I still don’t like them 6 years later.  I don’t care if you weigh 200 lbs or 100 lbs, please don’t wear these.  And if you wear these WITH Uggs, I just might slap you.

(sorry for the quality of the shot, I was walking, looking into the sun, and it was shot with my iPhone)

Do you agree or disagree?  At least I know this site agrees with me.



  1. Totally. I used to sarcastically beg Sarah to get a “ruffle skirt.” I blame Forever21.

  2. 1. Thank God someone is taking a stand on this.

    2. I think it’s about time that you updated my link in your blogroll, yah?

  3. i don’t mind them. they usually make butts look pretty good. no just playing…but seriously…

  4. […] went to Victor and Heidi’s wedding on Sunday.  It was lovely, and I had a great time.  Remember my post about the mini skirt and uggs a little while back?  Well at the wedding I came across another fashion trend that I just don’t […]

  5. You have to use your common sense when wearing Uggs, they go with some things and not with others. But for the dedicated Ugger it’s often as much for the comfort and warm feet (in winter)

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