International Holly

April 26, 2008

This weekend the Bakersfield girls (consisting of Jameson’s fiance Sarah, Ashley, and Kim) came to town.  This usually means some sort of big PARRRTAAAYYY!  Or something close to that anyway.  Last night we went to dinner at Livingstones, then went to Savemart to buy the makings for smores.  “S’more of what?” You might ask (I sure did all last night).  Anyway, like any time I go to the grocery store I walked on over to the toys aisle.  It’s not too juvenile that I still look forward to that, right?

Meet International Holly.  She comes in two nationalities, French, and British.  Something about it just seems real funny to me:

I went to go show Tyler my new toys but he was too busy picking up some necessities:

When we got back to Jameson’s house, we made a fire and enjoyed our smores.

Ashley, Bekah (Tyler’s new girlfriend), Tyler, Sarah

Last night was fun.  The only bummer was blockbuster being out of Disney’s “Hercules”.  I have never seen that movie before.  Maybe next time.  As for tonight, its time for another round of roller derby!  I’ll do my best to take some pictures of the bout.



  1. Btw, the movie we wanted was The Emperor’s New Groove. Good pics.

  2. Ahh crap, you’re right. Well i haven’t seen that either.

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