Why we do wrong when we know better

April 15, 2008

Every Tuesday night myself and some good friends of mine meet to discuss different things in life; ranging from sports, politics, religion, Christianity, etc.  We usually meet at a local pub but since we all have a love for cigars, we decided that tonight we’d meet at a cigar shop.  We never have an agenda planned as far as what we talk about.  Someone will start talking about a random subject and we’ll use that as a springboard to talk about many different things.  Tonight one of the guys mentioned Calvinism so we began to take it point by point and discuss different sides.  Just as many debate over this subject, there was no resolution drawn but at the same time it was still an enjoyable and challenging subject.  

This particular cigar shop is located next door to this old persons club place where people come after work to drink and socialize… its not really a bar, its not really a club.  It’s hard to explain but I think the key demographic has to be people over the age of 40.  Many yuppies go there.  Anyway, as this lady in her early 50’s is getting into her car to leave and she asks me for a light (for her cigarette).  Then she hears what we’re discussing and then asks where we go to church.  After probing her with our own questions we come to find out that she’s studied scripture and used to teach Sunday school years ago at People’s Church (here in Fresno) but hasn’t been to church since her divorce. She’s been divorced for 8 years after finding out her husband had cheated multiple times.  She mentioned that she’s backsliding now, trying to find love in all the wrong places.  She’s dating a guy who makes fun of Christianity.  We asked why she was with him and her answer was, “I don’t like being alone.”  It broke my heart to hear that.  How true is that though?  So many people feel like they’re alone, and not loved.  This woman knows the truth though.  She knows that since she has Jesus she’s not alone but for whatever reason she’s fighting it.  At first it was hard for me to fathom how she can know the truth but chooses to live her life differently.  Then it dawned on me.  I’m messed up too.  I’m a sinner.  Maybe I’m not sleeping with girls, maybe I don’t find my identity in others, but I’m sure as heck a sinner too.  And you know what?  I’m really good at sinning.  And I know better.  That sucks.  Anyway, I invited this woman to RVC and told her I’d sit with her since I know what the feeling of going to a new church alone.

Some of us guys might have disagreed with some of the points of Calvinism tonight but I think we could all agree that this woman was part of a divine appointment.  (Not  to make light of what I just posted but I think Erwin McManus would be real proud of me for posting that closing thought)


One comment

  1. Excellent Tim. I really hope she comes on Sunday! (The picnic is gonna be off the hook!)

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