Kid’s say the darndest things

April 14, 2008

This post was semi inspired by this Blogger.  Every Tuesday Kristen writes a “Tiny Talk Tuesday” post – usually involving some sort of cute or embarrassing quote one of her kids say.  Check out her and her husband’s blogs.  I’ve really enjoyed reading them lately.

Luke was given 10 tickets to our minor league baseball team’s game yesterday by one of our jr. high student’s dad.  I wasn’t originally planning on going (even though I do have an intense love for baseball) because of how stinkin hot it was… plus I was working on about 3 hours of sleep.  However, Sarah, Luke’s wife made me. I felt like I had a second wind, and the idea of hanging out with some of our jr. highers (and their younger brothers) sounded like fun.  

I got the privilege of having Caden ride in my car.  Caden is 8 years old but sometimes has the mouth of a teenager.  He’s not brash or filthy by any means but sometimes the attitude kicks in.  I find it funny though.  Here are a few of Caden’s quotes yesterday:

Steps into my Blazer – “Man, this car is small”  (seriously?  I drive an SUV!)

“How old are you, like 17?  And why aren’t you married yet?”

“You seeing anybody?”  I responded with “no, are you?  How about that girl you liked a couple months ago?”  He replies with, “No, she’s too small for me” 

We walk by a firetruck near the stadium and a fireman asks Caden if he wants a free fireman’s badge sticker.  Caden responds with, “No, those free stickers are stupid.”

As we left the parking garage after the game he’s talking about something and says, “I think I’m losing respectabilityness…”

By far the funniest thing of the afternoon was when Caden spilled his snow cone all over Luke’s shirt, and didn’t think anything of it.

Here’s a picture of me and Caden outside the stadium.  Good kid, he wore his Red Sox hat!

All in all it was a fun (yet very hot) afternoon.  The game was great despite our jr. highers using that time to try and get girl’s phone numbers.  I don’t think they sat in their seats for one second of the game. And after 4 trips to the gift shop, Caden finally found what he wanted to buy.  Gotta love kids!



  1. um…caden sorta sounds like a jerk.

    am i wrong?

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s a jerk. I think because of his age it’s still cute. Maybe if he says those things in his teen’s… He’s fun to be around though. He can carry on a pretty good conversation.

  3. Yeah… if he was 40 he’d be a jerk, but as it is now he’s awesome. Except that I still think he hates me…

  4. […] baseball, but it was 93 degrees in the sun. Wore me out. For a fun summary of the game, check out Tim’s blog! Oh, and I got snow cone spilled on my favorite button down […]

  5. He sounds like a crack up!

  6. […] for the next 4-5 years.  I was invited to the youngest Hall boy’s baseball game (I’ve blogged about him before) Saturday morning.  Lucky kid plays for the Red Sox!  It was great to watch little leaguers do […]

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