A Triumphant Return (not really)

April 12, 2008

Well it’s been a while (2 weeks) since I last posted a blog on here.  I think I feel less motivated to write on here since I don’t have the constant reminder of sitting behind a computer all day.  With that being said, I’m back!  I guess I’ll start out by talking about my weekend (so far).

I’ll start with Thursday.  Thursday evening Blake and I had dinner and drinks at Red Robin.  I see Blake ‘here and there’ but we haven’t really hung out for a year or so.  I met Blake a few years back in a church college group I was involved with.  He’s a real great guy.  I enjoy hanging out with him.  He has a great heart for the Lord, and a super creative mind.  Not only that, but if he has a vision for something he can build it himself.  No, seriously he can.  He’s really good at doing “man stuff” like building/fixing things.  I however am not.  I’m more inclined to pay someone to “fix” something.  I feel almost ashamed for that too.  It’s something a girl would do (no offense girls!).  But the thing I like about Blake the most is he says things like they are.  He doesn’t sugar coat things, or hide what’s on his mind.  Though I’m sure it might get him into trouble from time to time, I respect him for being that way.  I like straight-shooters.  So we had a great time catching each other up on our lives.  Fun Fact:  Blake and Stephanie are now dating!  Yay!!! Steph’s a great girl too and has been a friend for a couple of years.  So I’m really happy for the both of them.  Check out their blogs sometime too.

Friday night involved having dinner at Casa Corona with Jameson.  This is our “regular” place we go to because the bean and cheese burritos are incredibly cheap… well not anymore since they’ve raised the price twice now!  Over the past year or two we have developed relationships with some of the employees.  Now some of them come and sit next to us when things are busy to take a break while their boss isn’t looking slow.  Last night, I think we had like 3 or 4 at our table throughout the night.  It’s amazing how many life stories are swapped in the short time we spend together.  I’ve noticed that most people volunteer a lot more information about themselves than I would expect.  But all in all, its a good thing.  I really enjoy talking to people and getting to know them.

Saturday thus far had me coach the football league I reluctantly joined (again).  I was reminded yet again today that I need to learn how to say “no” to things I don’t want to do.  After football I picked up Tyler to head out to YOSHI NOW!, a thrift store in downtown Fresno.  My sister’s roller derby team (along with other special interest groups) was out there selling baked goods trying to raise money for future bouts.  I have never been inside this thrift store, but it’s pretty rad!  I even picked up two button-up shirts for $12!  Tyler got a shirt too.  It’s nice, but not as nice as this leather trench I wanted him to pick up:



  1. yoshi now is a terrific thrift store man. top notch. they have flannels for days!

  2. YAY! I’m so glad you guys finally went. After months and months of telling you you needed to go! I ended up stopping by at around 2ish but it was too hot to actually look.

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