March 28, 2008


****Please listen to Greenday’s “Time of Your Life” while reading this blog post****

Yesterday all part-time employees were notified of being laid off here at work. Unfortunately this includes me. Today is my last day at work so I decided I should blog about it. There were three of us who got the boot. Here’s a picture of Bekah and I took before she left work forever:


Luckily for the last year I have been extremely blessed with this job. Even though the actual work can be frustrating and sometimes seemingly purposeless, Luke and Brian always made it fun. Between Edge, and Speed3ing we always had something to do when we needed a short break. Even though this came at a sort of a bad time, I’m trying to trust God that He has His hand in all of this… because I know He does. But for whatever reason it’s easy for me to become worried over something that’s in my Creator’s control.

Yesterday the guys gave me a bunch of SPAM a notary had sent in. Most everything was magnetic so I decided to decorate my cabinet in my cubicle a little bit.

A couple months back Tyler was laid off for the same reason (bad economy = bad for the mortgage business). In his absence, he left me his pet cactus which I took care of until today when I passed it on to Luke.

There is one positive side to being unemployed though… maybe this will happen to me! (skip ahead to 2:09)

Anyway, I’m not too sure about what I’ll do for work quite yet. I’ll probably work with my dad sometime this week… make a couple of bucks. Any prayers would be appreciated. Mostly that I’ll continue to put my trust in God and not be worried over this. Thanks!

Lastly, goodbye MortgageDocs. It’s been a good year. And goodbye to my friends who still work there.



  1. 😦 so sad. I love the fake smiles you and Bekah have though!

  2. You know the opposite thing may work out for you.. And since your instinct is to never call me to grab a drink.. Maybe you should think about that =)

  3. it was awesome hanging out w/ you guys the other night. i keep laughing when i think of tyler and his blue skies/sandwiches…let me knwo if you and jamie and tyler are doing anything fun this week

  4. I think you should still post on your blog even though you don’t sit in front of a computer all day…

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