Don’t Shop At Big5

March 20, 2008

I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods today on my lunch to find a few things. I need some oil for my new baseball glove, a fungo bat, and some baseballs. I had a hard time finding the fungo bat so I decided to ask for assistance. No one in the whole store knew what a fungo bat was. Now I’m not expecting you to know, but I think the reps at a store that sells baseball equipment should. A fungo bat is basically a longer, and lighter wooden bat. You use it to hit ground and fly balls. You don’t use it for live pitching, for fear it will break. Anyway, the “helper” explained that they only sell home defender wooden bats. My bad for thinking they actually sold real baseball equipment. He began to sort of poke fun at my alleged “fungo bat” request and ask if it was made out of balsa wood. And even worse, over the course of our conversation the guy made a “masturbation” reference to a coworker with women AND children near by. So to say the least, I left the store and don’t plan on going back. Although I would love to walk in there with my fungo bat and show them it exists and its a common baseball tool.


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