Meet Kenneth Pine

March 13, 2008

Kenneth Pine

Meet Kenneth Pine.  He is a service technician for SBC’s AT&T’s home internet service.  I know this is his name because of his cool name badge.  For those of you who don’t know, my internet has been intermittent for about two weeks.  And by intermittent I mean it only works for about 2 hours a day… if that.  After holding for hours (literally) and being disconnected, and lied to I finally got a hold of a kind supervisor who scheduled a tech to come out the following day.

I think its safe to assume Kenneth lives in the mountains.  Maybe Yosemite, or perhaps even Siberia.  You might not be able to tell, but he has a big beard and it’s white.  That leads me to believe its snowing wherever he’s from. He also might be the guy in the video below:

Anyway, Kenneth is a very nice man but I was left with the impression that he’s not the most knowledgeable tech in the world. He brought his laptop inside (see picture above) and talked his steps through out loud.  It was hard for my dad to keep from laughing as he was doing this.  He wasn’t making much progress and he kept saying that he might not be able to “fix” our problem today.  I wasn’t about to let that happen.  I took charge and asked for his equipment as I began to work.  The first thing I did was got out my Macbook.  He sat behind me watching how to fix things.  He said he never knows how to fix the problems on macs so this was a good learning experience.  To make a long story short, I diagnosed and fixed the problem despite the road blocks Kenneth laid ahead.  I couldn’t get mad at him or anything because I knew he was just following protocol but the situation was just frustrating.  Anyway, I’m glad our internet is fixed… even though the tech didn’t do anything.  Funny thing is, they’re charging us for the modem and for the “installation”.  Yeah, AT&T will be getting an earful tomorrow.  I will win this.  I won’t rest until I do.  They’re lucky though… if it weren’t for the iPhone, I’d leave them all together!



  1. Ha! Thanks. Your arguments for wordpress were pretty persuasive. Or least the one about mac users. I think we all know I’ll do anything to boost my mac user status.

    It’s kind of weird to learn my way around a new blog site. I mean, I’d been on xanga since…highschool. Yikes. And the blossoming HTML/CSS nerd within ME is trying to find a way to switch a few things around on my layout. We’ll see where this goes. Don’t get your hopes up.

    Also, you should try to keep up with Kenneth Pine. Chances are he’s the stuff of legend.
    And one of my good friends dressed up as the Old Prospector for Halloween, right before I met him about four years ago. To this day, we call him Chiggins. In fact, that’s how I introduced him to Cathy until I stopped myself and realized that his real name is Adam Thomas. It was bizarre.

    Longest.Comment.Ever. Bye!

  2. i agree, Kenneth must be a mountain man. maybe the Appalachians?

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