What Day Is it?! KIDS DAY!

March 11, 2008

Today is Kid’s Day. What does this mean? Every year the Fresno Bee partners with other companies and organizations putting out a newspaper that feature stories about local kids. The proceeds go to children’s hospitals around the valley. This is a great idea that has raised tons of money for sick kids so I’m not about to bash it but… driving to work (or school) on this day is CRAZY.

Thousands (yes, you read that right) of students, parents, and children sell these papers at ever major (and some minor) intersections in our town. They are easily seen by their neon-green vests they wear, and if you still happen to miss that… you won’t be able to miss them when they shove the newspapers at your window when stopped at a light. Good marketing? I suppose. It works. I know this because I bought a paper, as well as almost every car in front of me at several stop signs. I think I even saw one mini van buy two. I would be surprised if anyone actually made it to work on time today. If they did, chances are they mowed down one of the volunteers and didn’t look back to see if they were still standing. Either that, or they took a helicopter to work today.

Below are some pictures I took with my iPhone on the way to work. Some aren’t so good because I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.



Note: this should read “a guy in a giant giraffe suit” I’m too lazy to change it in paint.



One comment

  1. Please see your entry from 1/27 for ways you could have really improved this entry.
    /MAYBE you should have flashmobbed Kids Day.

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