Knowing when to say “when”

March 4, 2008

I’ve always had trouble saying “no”. I don’t like to disappoint, no matter who you are. I thought I had been getting better in this area but yesterday proved wrong. Some of you may remember me volunteering for an elementary school flag football league in the Fall. I had a good time serving but I was glad when the season came to an end. Waking up early on a Saturday morning is not my thing.

Yesterday after work I received a call from the guy in charge of the league asking for my participation during the spring league. Spring league?! This is ludicrous. He mentioned that they are still in desperate need for coaches… more so than the Fall. So I reluctantly agreed to coach again. Goodbye sleep. I know its not all bad though. At least I get to hang out with kids! Hopefully I won’t get in another fight with a parent… 🙂

If anyone wants to help out by either coaching, refereeing or just hanging out with me on Saturday mornings during the next two months let me know! We could use the help. And I could use the help keeping my sanity. 😉




  1. What if I want to be the guy with carr on the back of his shirt… Maybe I could teach those punk kids how to play then…

  2. Ok… when I first thought the title and photo I thought you were calling for Coach Hill to retire… Glad to see it’s just your overcommitting again.

  3. Wow… bad typos today… **when I first saw the title….

  4. You also had another typo. It’s “you’re over committing” not “your” 😀

    Yeah man, Coach Hill should have taken that Raiders job… 😉

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