Random thoughts… again

February 22, 2008

One of my life’s goals is to get the “word” ‘legitly’ into the dictionary.  It would have the same meaning as legitimately… only better because its shorter and cooler sounding.  If you know anybody who works for Webster not this Webster, please point them my way.

Thinking of getting a real website… mostly for blogging but maybe for some other stuff too.  I need to think of a good URL (website address).  So far I have these ideas:  timbalint.com, timothybalint.com, timothyryanbalint.com, timothybalintine.com.  What do YOU think?  I’m open to other suggestions as well.



  1. Get a real website. It’s so much cooler.

    And I like timbalint.com …it’s got a nice ring.

    PS: I reposted some pictures on my xanga…you might want to check them out. I’m pretty intimidating when I clean…

  2. If you can get ligetly in the dictionary, I want to patent, “Im going to punch you in the neck.”

    I would go for bearpawz.com… there is your legitly site.

  3. Yeah dude, you’re own website would be cool.

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