Amazing Artist

February 19, 2008

While working at CompUSA for a couple years I developed some good friendships. Dylan is by far my closest friend to come out of working there. I’m so glad I worked along side this guy for as long as I did. He’s incredibly gifted – an amazing artist and a photoshop pro. He recently emailed me his most recent piece of art (Locke from Lost seen below), thats when I asked him if I could display his other art. If you like it, feel free to express your appreciation by messaging him here (if you have a myspace). Be sure and click to enlarge them! I also included some of his digital photography:



Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli (from Heroes)

Hiro Nakamura
Hiro Nakaruma (from Heroes)

Locke (from LOST)




Black and White


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