Item #7

February 17, 2008


Rubik’s Cube

Welcome back to the 1980’s! This is the latest craze to hit my office. We’re bringing back the true art form of cubing. The way God intended. Myself and a couple other guys at the office have been engaging in daily speed cubing or (speed3ing) competitions with each other. My best time solving the cube is 2:12 (that’s 2minutes 12seconds, not 2 hours!). You may think that my is great, but this guy is a bit faster than me. Luckily I’m still ahead of this guy (sorry Luke). Still, considering the world record for solving one of these standard Rubik’s Cubes is 9.5 seconds… there is still work to be done! I challenge you to pick up your own cube and give it a turn!

aaaaaaannnnnnddddddd SPEEDCUBE!


One comment

  1. You’re a nerd.

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