Thoughts while driving

February 15, 2008

Last night for Valentine’s Day night I ate dinner at Luke & Sarah’s place along with Tyler. After dinner we watched a really good movie called, “Once”. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it. Its up for “Best Song” at this year’s Academy Awards.

Whenever I go to Luke’s condo there comes a point in the road where I have to choose which direction to go because the road ends temporarily. Each time I get to this street (Herndon for you Fres-nans) I have to choose to go left or right. If the light is red, I normally wait for the left turn lane to turn green, and if it’s green then I make the right turn so I don’t have to wait. For me its the way I have always decided to go to Luke’s place. A rule if you will…

Last night for whatever reason I decided to break my rule. The left hand lane was just about to turn green but I decided to make the right hand turn. Even though I know better. I can’t help but think this is how I am with God sometimes. Most of the time I know what the correct action or decision is but I don’t always follow it. Whats the big deal you might ask? The truth is, the destination wasn’t changed based on me going left or right. I still got to Luke’s but I encountered a longer trip and many more frustrations along the way. I don’t even think its a matter of me not trusting God’s way either. I think I get too comfortable thinking that because I know God I’m automatically going to make the right choice, and won’t ignore God’s. Sometimes it takes prayer, reading his word, and meditating on it. I need to do more of each.



  1. Very cool. At least God won’t make you type in a gate code once you read your destination.

  2. Very good thoughts…I like the way you explained it. There is no doubt that we get to the point or destination in which God chooses for us, but it depends on if we decide to obey Him or not that decides how smooth (or rough)the journey may be…

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