Pillow Tag Revolution

February 12, 2008

You know what I’ve never understood? Why pillows are made with the tags and zipper on opposite sides of the pillow. Would it kill a company to just once make a good pillow where you don’t have to choose which end to put inside the pillow case? We’re forced to either put the zipper side in leaving the possibility for the tag to tickle our face at night, or the tag side in leaving the zipper to either scratch the heck out of our face or make bothersome scratching noises against the wall while we turn at night!

This normally wouldn’t bother me, but since tragically losing my Sobakawa pillow due to a youth group trip where I helped lead worship with Jameson a couple years ago, I was forced to try a memory foam pillow leaving me with the tag and zipper on opposite ends… On a side note, I’m not all that impressed with the memory foam. In fact, it has a pretty poor memory. I need to get me some more buckwheat husk! (see Sobakawa link above)

Anyway, while researching why tags and zippers are on opposite sides, I came across this site. All I can say is WOW. Its worth the read. It reminds me of something that Austin, one of my youth kids would write. And he’s hilarious.


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