Item #6

February 7, 2008

“The West Wing” – Complete Series Collection

This series takes you through the inner workings of the President’s senior staff at the White House.  This is one of the most interesting television shows I have ever watched.  My dad watched it when the show originally aired and I just assumed it was a boring and slow moving drama.  Boy was I wrong!  I have yet to watch a dull episode and thats after watching 2 and a half seasons.  This show has also helped me understand more about the election process and how our government works.  Yes, this is a fictional TV show but most of what they use on the show is accurate.  When I come across governmental vocabulary I don’t know, I’ll pause the dvd and look it up right away.  I recommend The West Wing to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, witty television shows.  Note:  if you loath politics and government, this show might not be for you.


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