Youth Pastor Do’s and Dont’s

February 5, 2008

I am in no way a youth pastor, but in my short 22 years I have either worked with or been under leadership of many youth pastors. Between jr. high and high school I had about 6-7 and since then I have worked with many more. Some of the guys have been absolutely great in that field of ministry, and other simply have not. But lets face it, we all make mistakes. We all mess up or make a bad call every now and again. Youth pastors are not exempt from this.

Back in November my band and I played a show at a church here in town. Last Friday Randy (our guitarist) forwarded me a voicemail message the pastor of that church left…
or click here or here in case the audio players don’t work.

I should note that the pastor had only met me that one time… he has no idea how old I am or where I am in life. And the line he left about me saying I was available… that was due to me telling a joke on stage involving other band member’s wives/girlfriends. I guess that equated to me being single. Like I said before, I’m not a youth pastor but I am a youth leader. And I can say one thing’s for sure. If and when we have a band come through to give a performance… I’m sure not going to try and play match maker between band members and my girls!

I haven’t called him back yet. Lets take a vote… do I call him back? If so, what do I say??? Isn’t this so bazaar??? Then again, who could resist me? 😉



  1. Dude, he’s trying to hook you up with a groupie. What does that have to do with pastor “do’s and dont’s?” I’m just not seeing the connection…

  2. can’t believe he called you…i love that his phone number is on there…i should call him and let him know you are interested but too shy to call him yourself! haha! 🙂

  3. I guess no one told you that “yenta” is actually part of the job description…

  4. That little lady in the front..

    It was me.. Im interested. I can’t continue to live this lie

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