Crazy iPhone accessory

January 27, 2008

So I haven’t gotten my iPhone yet… but don’t worry… it will soon be mine! This afternoon I took a little time to research rumors of the next iPhone generation. I’m trying to find out when the next memory upgrade is set to hit stores. As I was researching this info I came across this product.

Conice 6×18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone

Conice 6×18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone

Seriously… Who’s going to buy this? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even make it passed airport security if you had this sucker attached to your phone. And the fact that it’s $14.99 should tell you how great this product will work.



  1. don’t spend $15 on that…give me $10 and i’ll give you my old playschool binoculars…you can strap that onto your iphone.

  2. I can just see the ad for that… “Have you ever wanted to stalk people but lacked the neccesary tools? Need help getting around a pesky restraining order? Buy an iPhone!”

  3. Thanks for having someone titled “T-Bag” in your subscription list.

    “C’mon, don’t leave your Uncle T-Bag hangin!!!”
    -T (Tobias)

  4. you need to buy that immediately!!!!!!!!!!

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