Random people, random thoughts

January 22, 2008

1) Every morning I go to my computer and check my google reader to see what’s happening in the lives of those I love… and well even those I’ve never met. For me I suppose its a little like reading the morning paper. For those of you that don’t know what google reader is (even though most of you are USING that site right now to read this blog) its a google tool that allows you to keep all the blogs you want to read on one organized page while it automatically refreshes when a new blog has been posted.

Anyway, I probably read around 20 blogs a day (which I know is a small number compared to most readers). They range from good friends to pastors, to crazy worship/arts directors, to photographers, to med students, to a lost and troubled people. For example, I found this girl’s blog through another blog I was commenting on and noticed the comment below mine had a witty remark. So I headed over to her blog and began to read. Its one of the most “real” blogging I have ever read. Shes lost, and shes broken… and she knows it. But she doesn’t believe in God, or religion. Shes depressed and filling her life with meaningless things… and she can’t shake it. For whatever reason I’m attracted to these type of people. Not sexually, but emotionally. I want to help them, I want to tell them that Jesus can save them… but sometimes I don’t know how. And really in this case, I certainly cannot be the person in her life to tell her those things. But what I can do, and what we can do is pray for these people. They need to feel God’s love. They need to feel something real, and meaningful. Her blog can put me in a weird mood sometimes but I never regret reading it. Since I’ve never had deal with depression (thank God) this is great insight on what someone goes through… especially if I’ll be dealing teenagers for a large portion of my life.

2) Last night at dinner I got a text message from one of my jr. high students in my youth group. It read, “hey tim, i scored a chick 2day.” This kid is 14 years old and has already experienced several relationships. I love this guy to death. He’s probably one of the only kids in our youth group that doesn’t know Jesus, yet he comes to both meetings each week. Hes a smart kid without the best home life. His positive influences are sparse so I try to pour into him whenever I can.

When I read his message, I didn’t really know how to react. The man part of me wanted to say, “thatta’ boy!” But the more responsible and smarter youth leader in me wanted to say, “are you crazy?! You’re 14! Save yourself the trouble… blah blah blah, wait I’m not done with being on my soap box.” I ended up just asking a few questions about her… and telling him he should invite her to youth group Wednesday night. I can’t do too much with texting anyway. I’ll continue to pray, and hopefully invest more time with him and maybe even offer him some good guesses advice on the subject.


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