Item #4

January 17, 2008

(dang water marks)

Baseball Glove 

I absolutely love baseball.  Its been years since I’ve played competitively but I still love everything about it.  This past fall myself and some friends hijacked went out to an elementary school to shag some balls, and play a little catch.  It was a great time.   I can’t wait till the sun stays out a bit longer so we can get going again.  If you do not own a glove, I highly suggest you go buy one for 2 reasons.  1)  Because every person residing in the United States (and certain provinces of Canada) should own one.  2)  So you can play catch with me.

With that being said, who wants to go to some baseball games with me next season?!



  1. I’m in… youth group trip?

    Also, I hate to admit it, but I don’t own a glove 😦

  2. We’re gunna get you a tattoo-iphone-glove!

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