January 10, 2008

I had a VERY early morning today and in the few hours I’ve been up some things have occurred to me.

A guy at the RVC Men’s Bible Study this morning walked in with a Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea.  Now I could have a problem just because its diet, but I’ll give him some grace for that.  Now the real issue was his drink was half way gone, and he still had the plastic wrap on the cap.  Who keeps that?  I’m an avid Snapple Peach Iced Tea drinker and when that seal/wrapper comes off… its off for good.  You have to work to keep that sucker on.  Which means it must have been intentional on his part.  That blows my mind.

The toaster at my house sucks.  I had some extra time this morning to make toast and I wasn’t satisfied with the results.  The toaster barely give the toast a golden-brown color, and the bread is usually left really soft.  Now while its great the toaster doesn’t burn anything… sometimes I want a little crispiness.  Is that too much to ask for?  The toaster is less than a year old so who knows whats wrong with it.  No worries though, I still enjoyed my tasty toast with my glass of orange juice.

On the way to work I decided to make eye contact with people on the road or out walking.  Just really to see what their reaction would be.  Some ignored me, some smiled, some were too busy putting on their makeup or shaving with their electric razor… but one girl stuck out.  She was balling her eyes out.  Hysterically.  Maybe her boyfriend just broke up with him, maybe someone she loved just passed away, maybe she was just pms’ing (sorry ladies, couldn’t pass up the chance there!) 🙂  but whatever it was, I cared.  For a moment, I felt sadness in my heart.  I had never met or seen this girl before, but she was obviously hurting and I wanted to help.  Now since the light turned green and we went our opposite ways, all I could do was pray.  I wish I could have asked for her story,  what was wrong, or how I could help but prayer would have to be enough.  And you know what?  Sometimes prayer is enough.



  1. Dude… all John drinks is Diet Peach Snapple. Grosses me out.

  2. Haha. Funny how you knew exactly who I was talking about.

  3. Diet Peach Snapple is the best Snapple flavor, ever.

    It being diet just makes it better.

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