Greatest vote of 2008

January 9, 2008

And no I’m not talking about the presidential primaries or election. Though as it stands now, my favorite is certainly Huckabee! Anyway, I’ve decided to probably make school more of a priority since I’m thinking about teaching in our elementary school system. This is where you come in. I have to make many decisions as I will be paying for school myself… and/or get student loans/grants/applying for APLE, etc. I’m also feeling like its time to move out of my parent’s house but again, money is an issue! So cast your votes today, tell your friends to vote, leave comments, all are welcome.

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Seeing how once again wordpress hates me and the poll isn’t showing up, click here to vote.


One comment

  1. If money is really a factor, I’d live at home while you’re getting an education, unless you wanna live on campus.

    I voted go to FSU while living at home. If you think money’s tight now, it’ll only get worse if you get an apartment. FSU is cheaper than FPU, but FPU has a great reputation with liberal arts and teacher education.

    I’m still voting Huckabee!

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