Item #2

January 2, 2008



For the last 2 years or so I’ve used this bag just about everyday. I’m able to carry whatever I need without having to worry about being unprepared for the day. In a given day I carry my ipod, Bible, notebook, a magazine, pens, my glasses, gum, and occasionally a book. (please don’t steal my bag) When I go to church I carry my music cables, tuner, etc, and I even have a separate bag for school. If you’re a guy and you’re looking for a european carry-all but don’t want the weird looks that come with it… look no further! If you’re still afraid of what others may say… just tell them that this guy wears the same one:

(gun not included)


One comment

  1. so, since your very first post said:

    “I’ll be using this blog mostly to write about my perspective of what its like to be a very small semi-successful band based out of Fresno, CA. I’ll be including you in our Studio Time, rehearsals, band meetings, Shows, and more,”

    i’m guessing the ‘and more’ meant ‘and much, much less.’

    i’ve heard very little band news. lets hear about the show last night.

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