Retail Experiences & Other Thoughts

December 24, 2007

Let me preface this post by saying that the Balint family decided we’d draw names this year and only buy gifts for that one person in order to save money. I drew my brother-in-law’s name and a couple weeks ago asked him (several times) what he wanted. As of this evening he hadn’t responded.

Experience #1

Thursday evening (12/20) after Luke & Tim’s man date, I was at the Best Buy checkout stand. The cashier (woman) has visible tattoos.

Me: Nice art, who did it (my feeble attempt at making pleasant conversation… even though I did NOT like her art)

Angel (real name): Thanks! You looking to get some work done?

Me: Not currently, I’m in the middle of one project right now.

Angel (while handing me my receipt): We’ll if you fill out this survey saying I was the best cashier ever, then I’ll “hook you up.”

Then she hands me a piece of paper with her name and number on it.

Me: Uhh… thanks…

Experience #2

Tonight (12/23) I decided to get the rest of my brother in law’s gift at Target since they’re open late. After walking through the maze of fellow last minute shoppers I stepped in my car to head back home. As I put my cd faceplate back on, I felt my phone vibrate… it was my brother in law telling me what he wants for Christmas… yes thats right, I’m in the Target parking lot after JUST finishing his Christmas shopping. I’m honestly not sure what to do at this point. Give him the stuff I already bought for him because he waited so long to get back to me? Or return some stuff and attempt to get what he wants tomorrow after work? All I know is… I sure don’t feel like shopping after work tomorrow.

Random thought:

Whenever I go to Target, I do a complete lap around the store. Even if I know exactly what I need. For example, If I’m there to get shampoo, I’ll walk to the Men’s clothes, through electronics, and back around to the health care/beauty products, when all I needed to do was go straight for the shampoo. Sometimes I don’t even stop to look at anything else either. I just do a lap around the store. I’m not sure why I do this either. Maybe its because a long time ago I used to only go to Target when I needed a bunch of things so I had to visit all of those departments and that would in face save me time. So maybe repetition and tradition? Do any of you do weird things like this, or am I alone?



  1. I do the same thing in Target, but that’s because I really like the store, and who knows, maybe there is something that I need but didn’t know it before I walked into the store. For me, there is something therapeutic about Target…

  2. I do it because I like watching a $12 trip to the store turn into an $80 trip: “The Goonies for $10! Honey, we NEED this…”

  3. I do it because..I check out all the hot chicks that work there?

    No that’s not it.

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